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Make Your Own Music.

The Music Production program is designed to introduce students to the world of digital audio production for the Recording, Film, Television and Gaming industries.  The term "music producer" is often negatively associated with just making music in your home studio as a hobby.  At Maitland we will show you how to make it into a career. 

Music Apps

get your 
ideas heard.

Maitland's music production program will teach you how to get your ideas from your head to a DAW so that you can share them with the world.  Concepts learned include:

Using MIDI controllers

Production DAWs

Signal Processing in the "Box"

Remixing A capellas

Drum Programming


Genre-based Production Techniques

Mixing Concepts 

Digital Literacy

Music Business Concepts

Anchor 1


Program Levels:  2

Program Duration: 8 Weeks per level

Class Duration:  1hr per week + Lab Time


$575 per level 

*2 payments of $287.50

*4 payments of $143.75

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