If Already a Student:

  1. Contact the Maitland Conservatory

  2. Ask for your lesson location to be changed to "virtual".

  3. Using the "Student Portal" or event reminder, click the embedded link at your scheduled lesson time and you will be taken to your teacher's virtual "waiting room".

  4. You have the option to record your lesson so that you may review it after.

For New Students:

  1. Contact the Maitland Conservatory or Register Online (link below)

  2. Choose the "zoom" as your lesson location.

  3. We will contact you to schedule your first lesson!


How much are virtual lessons?

Tuition for virtual lessons are $100 per month.

Do i need an instrument for virtual lessons?

Having an instrument is highly recommended.  For piano students we recommend a 61, 76, or 88-key keyboard for lessons.  Table top fold out keyboards are also an excellent inexpensive option.  If you are unable to purchase one, Maitland can purchase and a charge will be added to your account.

How do I log into my virtual lesson?

Follow the link below for instruction on joining your Zoom lesson. You may also find the instructions in the downloadable "Virtual Students Guidelines and Requirements" pdf.


Do I need a Zoom or Skype account?


Can I still have my lessons in person?

Yes, you can opt for in person lessons.

When do virtual lessons start?

All virtual lessons begin March 30, 2020.


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Hours of Operation

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