Graduation Caps

Winter Recital 2020

Here's what you need to know about this year's Winter Recital:​

  • Winter Recital will be pre-filmed.

  • You will be given an individual slot to come in for your filming time.

  • Once all students have been filmed the show will be edited together for viewing.

  • Filming will be in November (TBA)

  • Airing of the recital will be in December.

  • Online viewing and tickets will be available for the show!

  • If you are not comfortable with coming in for filming let us know and we will make arrangements for you!

una partnership.

The Maitland Conservatory is proud to announce its official partnership with the University of North Alabama Fine Arts Department and The Mitchell Center for Inclusion!  As a result of this partnership UNA will be allocating scholarships each year just or Maitland Conservatory students!

The most interesting part is that scholarships recipients are NOT required to become music major but are asked to participate in Arts and/or Social Inclusion activities as advocates for these causes at The University of North Alabama.  We are extremely excited to make this announcement!  As the details of our new partnership come to fruition we will keep you posted!  If you have a student that is a high school Junior or Senior please contact us for more information on scholarships.

We are now accepting Scheduled Payments!

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