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Maitland Team

Whether you are looking to start a career with Maitland, intern, or just volunteer at events we would like your help!  Just click the appropriate button below to get the process started!

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career application

At Maitland we offer a positive and creative work environment with flexible schedules that are perfect for the working artist or creative.  Are you interested in sharing your gifts as part of the Maitland team?  Complete the application below and we will contact you for next steps!

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Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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Intenship App

Are you looking for an opportunity to put your skills to work while gaining the necessary experience to create your career?  The Maitland Conservatory provides internship opportunities to colleges, universities, and approved high school programs.  Whether you intern or just volunteer with Maitland you are in for the ultimate creative experience.  

Become an Intern/Volunteer.

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