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founder & ceo

Mario A. Maitland Jr. began his immersion into the arts at the age of nine years old. After attending the Davidson Fine Arts School in Augusta, GA, Mr. Maitland went on to pursue his Bachelor's degree in Piano Performance at Alabama A&M University, and then his Master's in Music Education at both Tennessee State University and Alabama A&M University.


As a pianist and violinist, Mr. Maitland has participated in and won several awards and competitions, including The Sara Hall Piano Competition (1st place), the James A. Hefner HBCU Piano Competition (2nd place and Full Graduate Assistantship), The Rome Festival International Piano Competition (in which he was flown to Rome, Italy to debut with the Rome Festival Orchestra), The Birmingham Music Club (2nd place), the Mississippi State Concerto Competition, the Augusta Exchange Club Talent Competition, the TIG International Film Scoring competition, and a host of other competitions. He has also been called to judge several young artist competitions such as The Kidz 4 Kidz Talent Competition, and the Hoffmeister Young Artist Competition.


As music producer, studio engineer, and sound designer, Mario Maitland has worked with various Christian artists including Sean Simmonds, Canton Jones, Coko Clements of SWV, PDub, Da Truth, Ambassador, Mali Music, Virtue, Shirley Murdock, and even two previous winners of BET’s Sunday's Best, Leandria Johnson and Jessica Reedy. Mr. Maitland has even taken a special interest in the developmental careers of upcoming artists such as Meme B. Jones, Shekina n Glory, Unanimous, and Stevia Hunes (background singer for Vashawn Mitchell) through the Rising Artist Development program. He has scored several promo videos for The Ambassador, the Birmingham Kidney Foundation, and has worked on the movies: “Veils of Color," and “Stand," and “Sam Good."


As a leader and educator, Mario Maitland Jr. has shared his knowledge and experience in both music and ministry through a variety of workshops such as The Importance of Music Education (Bob Jones High School 2006), The Purpose and Power of Praise and Worship, Relationships 101, and The Role of the Choir Member, Pursuing your Dreams (Chapman Middle School), as well as classroom experience in teaching General Music, Orchestra, and Undergraduate Music Appreciation.


A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.

- Max Lucado

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