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Harmony 256 is the unification solution for the creative community in our city. This coalition is FREE to join and open to creatives of all ages and mediums. Whether you are a performing artist, musician, visual artist, poet or producer Harmony 256 is a safe space where you can share your concerns, network, and access the resources that you need to take your career to the next level.  


As a Harmony 256 member, you are not only part of a community but you are also entitled to a growing list of member benefits.  


Network and find resources within your member community that keep the "money" and "opportunities in the "family".


Whether it's a class about copyright law, Youtube monetization, or establishing your business you are able to take a part in free workshops that are designed to give the educational tools that you need to be successful.  


Enjoy discounts and specials throughout the year given by each organization/venue that Harmony 256 partners with.  


As a Harmony 256 member not only do you have a safe space to voice your concerns, but you now have representation through our executive body to fight on your behalf.  


There nothing better than giving back as a family. You can now participate in Harmony 256 community impact events and special projects, created by YOU.  

Become a Harmony256 Member! 

Thank you for becoming a member!

We are all about UNITY.

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