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Need to record or shoot a podcast? We got you. Our Listening Room space is equipped with lighting, backdrops, and green screen options. Need help recording your video or audio? Maitland has that too! Our high-quality audio and video gear will give you the quality that you are looking for.  

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Want to record your rehearsal?

Hire one of our talented engineers to record the audio or even video for your rehearsal.  

What type of rehearsals can we accomodate?

Because of the versatility of our Listening Room it may be utilized for:

Band Rehearsals

Artist Rehearsals

Dance Rehearsals

Casting Calls

Book Now

Are you ready to make your booking?  Complete the booking request form below and a member of our team will get back with you to finalize your request.

Booking Request
05:00 PM
Check the items you need for your rehearsal

Rental Tech - You can choose to have onsite help from a member of our team for the duration of your event.  

Video Recording - You can add video recording to your event or rehearsal for an additional hourly fee.  Editing fees vary.  

Green Screen Setup - No charge for a green screen to be set up for you recording.  

Recording Engineer - For live recordings, podcasts or events that need audio recording services we can provide an audio engineer.  Mixing/Mastering/Editing fees vary.

Choose Add-ons

Thanks! We will contact you soon!

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