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Piano by Ear

Have you always wanted to learn how to play by ear?  Do you have a favorite song that you wish you could play.  This piano by ear sample lesson is just what you need!

Traditional Piano

Reading music and piano fundamentals are foundational for any pianist.  Our traditional piano program will prepare for your journey as a pianist.


Find your rhythm and your beat with a free drum sample lesson!


Whether you want to learn the violin, viola or cello this sample lesson is for you!

Digital Art

We live in a technological age.  Who says that you can't use technology with art?  Become the digital artist you want to be.


Learn how to polish your music and vocals to perfection using industry standard software.

Music Production

Learn how to create music digitally using industry standard software and tools.


Want to start a podcast or livestream an event?  Maitland can teach you how.  Take the sample class.

Vocal Aerobics

Do you want to strengthen your voice or increase your range?  Try out our vocal aerobics sample class!


Jam out by taking a sample guitar lesson!

Songwriting/Vocal Arranging

Music Business

Songwriting is an art form!  Arranging vocals is an art form!  This songwriting/vocal arranging sample is what you need!

If you take your music career seriously, music business is an absolute MUST!  Try out the sample class.

For instrumental Registration Click Here

For instrumental Registration Click Here

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