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Welcome to the future of modern ensembles.

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Introducing a modern orchestral ensemble designed to allow strings, brass, wind, and percussion players of all skill levels to perform both traditional and modern music in an orchestral setting.

Imagine an ensemble where students are the directors, composers, and performers.  Imagine an ensemble where not only traditional music is played but modern music as well. Imagine an ensemble that utilizes the power of both traditional and digital instrument combinations...this is the Urban Orchestra.

Urban Orchestra Registration is

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Registration for all 3 UO orchestras is now open!  Need help choosing the right orchestra? Maybe this will help:

UO Beginner Orchestra "A" (No experience)

UO Beginner Orchestra "B" (3 mo. - 1yr experience)

UO Beginner Orchestra "C" (1yr - 3yrs experience)



Is there a cost to be in the Urban Orchestra?

To further the advancement of the Urban Orchestra program, we only charge $50 per month. This fee includes your student starter kit (orchestra folder and orchestra t-shirt).

Does the Urban Orchestra do performances?

Yes! Each orchestra will have the opportunity to perform throughout the year!

How often are rehearsals?

Each orchestra division will have one 1hr practice per week. If we are preparing for a performance, additional rehearsals may scheduled.

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