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Tell your story with a pen.

Learn how to bring your stories to life...

Creating a story through art can be a freeing and emotional experience.  Through art you are able to create new worlds, characters, and iconic moments in time. Now you can do it digitally.  

From Traditional to Digital Art
Creation using Software and Hardware
Color Theory
Basics of Graphic Design
Marketing and Commissioning your Art

Program Levels: 

Digital Art I (8 Weeks), Digital Art II (8 Weeks)


Class Frequency/Duration: 

1hr, once per week

*2  payments of $397.50
*4 payments of $198.75
*6 payments of $132.50

Holding a Tablet

*per level


*2  payments of $397.50
*4 payments of $198.75
*6 payments of $132.50


Thursdays 6:15pm - 7:15pm

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